Servizi ad imprese e istituzioni, alla progettazione e consulenza. Service for business, pa, design, consulting


These are the keywords that open the door to the future. Nevertheless, the premises must be created in the present through paths that lead to new ideas, new products and new services. Within this stream we work in assisting companies and public administration to prepare projects of applied research, experimental development and innovation also thanks to conventions and cooperation with centres of technological transfer in Italy and Europe, digital districts, technology centres and universities. Through our projects of professional training, many of which are financed by EU, national and regional funds, as well as consultations for process certificates, we are interested in expanding corporate culture, ICT usage, the best management methods that apply to companies and networks, consideration for energy and the environment, safety at work and social responsibility. Project planning, which is oriented towards sustainable development of the territories, constitutes a further field of application.