Servizi ad imprese e istituzioni, alla progettazione e consulenza. Service for business, pa, design, consulting


KEEP POINT is a cooperative company based in Udine, which offers its services to companies, public administration as well as consultants, engineers and private individuals.

The name is a clear reference to our mission of keeping a straight focus on goals and studying all the possibilities for their achievement.

Our work comprehends the following areas:

  • Energy and Environment
  • Architecture
  • Art and Culture
  • Information Technology
  • Foreign Affairs/Linguistics
  • Research, Development and Innovation

Our effort is oriented towards a wide variety of activities. Thanks to our specialized professionals we can offer:

  • COMPANIES: computer and electronic support, language services for the internet and internationalization process, innovation, research and development projects, company management and European projects.
  • PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONS: technical support during the design process and during the management of administrative and technical maintenance processes. We also offer computer and electronic support, organize artistic, cultural or educational events and other services which public administrations tend to outsource.
  • CONSULTANTS and ENGINEERS: the so-called planning "service", such as estimates, technical and graphic designs, investigation, research and studies, data collection and elaboration and much more.

PRIVATE ENTITIES that require the above described technical services can also contact KEEP POINT.

PRICES: our company form allows us to contain the costs and, consequently, to offer the client prices which are very competitive.

COMPANY FORM: this company is a cooperative society and its articles of association are available upon request.